Where the Red Kitchen Shops…

Prague’s Mosaic of Specialty Stores

Are you interested in diversifying the items in your pantry and creating dishes from countries you have visited or want to reconnect with those flavors from abroad? Fortunately, Prague’s melting pot continues to expand and as Anthony Bourdain once said, “People come with their food.” If you are looking for a few specific regions, here is a list of shops to buy the ingredients that are missing in the international aisle at your local Tesco, Albert or Bila.  To my fellow Prague People, feel free to add-on to the list!


Korea Mart You’ll find fresh blocks of tofu, dried sweet potato noodles to make a plate of Jap Chae or some of those spicy grilling sauces to go with your next Korean BBQ. Just one block away from the metro and tram stops. Gorazdova 356, Prague 2, Mon.-Fri. 10-20:00, Sat. 10-20:00, Sun. 12-18:00

Arirang Korejské and Japonské potraviny Is your stir-fry missing something? This grocery store sells a variety of cooking sauces, such as hoisin, hot and sour and fish sauce. A good Pad Thai needs fish sauce! If you need to spice up your plate, fresh kim-chi should do the trick. The frozen section offers a variety of fish and seafood, as well as frozen eggrolls and mochi cakes.  Korunní 47, Prague 2 Open Mon.–Fri. 9–18:00, Sat. 9–16:00

Japa You’ve conquered rolling the bamboo mat; here is just the place to get all your ingredients to throw a sushi party. Wait, there is more. They also sell frozen dumplings, udon noodles and delicious Japanese rice crackers for a healthy snack.  Puškinovo nám. 10, Prague 6, Tel. 233 320 629. Wed.–Fri. 11–19:00, Sat.–Sun. 10–18:00

Shalamar Attempting to cook some Mataar Paneer and you’ve just realized that you don’t have methi or curry leaves in your pantry closet? You’ll find that, along with spices such as garam masala and cumin, as well as fresh vegetables like okra, hot peppers and baby eggplants being sold here. Also, if you just want to cheat, they sell prepared packets of dishes like Butter Chicken or Korma that you can whip up in an instant. You’ll find what you need for Pakistani and Indian cooking right here. If you’re hungry, be sure to visit the Pakistani restaurant right next door! Lipanská 3, Prague 3 Open Mon.–Fri. 6 a.m.–20:00,  Sat. noon–20:00

African & Middle Eastern

AfroAfrik Don’t be fooled by the African art, textiles or even the supply of hair products. This place also sells groceries; they are just located down the stairs on the bottom floor. You’ll find boxes of Fufu, flour made from plantains, frozen goat meat and fish, some vegetables such as yam and okra, bags of fried plantain chips and more. Stepanska pasaz 36, Prague 1 Tel. 777 324 928,

Farah Oriental Market As soon as you step foot into this shop, you will quickly encounter barrels and barrels filled with grains, legumes and fresh spices. They also have a deli counter where you can purchase olives, dried fruits or fresh meat. In their dairy section, there is a selection of halloumi and goat cheese. Their frozen section sells yufka (phyllo) dough so you can make some homemade borek. There is also a huge selection of Middle Eastern canned goods and breads for sale. Myslikova, 5 Prague 2, Mon.-Fri. 9-19:00, Sat. 9-17:00


Nostos This Greek delicatessen reminds me of the ones I grew up with in Astoria, NY. The shelves are stacked with various bottles of Olive Oil, packets of dried olives and marinated olives for sale. The refrigerated counter is displays a wide selection for a mezze dinner, such as Taramosalata (fish roe spread), Melitzanosalata (eggplant spread) and marinated seafood. You’ll also find blocks of sweet halva, baklava, feta cheese and Greek yogurt, which you can use to whip up some tzatsiki at home. You can also purchase it ready made as well! Skolska, 32 Praha 1 Tel.775 282 952, Mon. – Fri. 10- 20:00, Sat. 10-15:00

Aromi La Bottega Don’t have time to make your own fresh pasta or some pesto? No worries, Aromi La Bottega has it ready for you. You will also find a good variety of Italian cheeses, cured meats, glass jars of marinated vegetables, such as roasted peppers, some spreads as well as bottles of Italian wine and olive oil. Manesova 83, Prague 2 ,Tel. 222 725 514
Mon. – Fri. 12- 20:00 Saturday 15- 20:00


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7 responses to “Where the Red Kitchen Shops…

  1. Guilllermo el travieso

    Thanks for this! A goldmine!

  2. You are incredible!

  3. I forgot to add, I also grew up in a diverse area and like to cook and eat food from many different countries. We are moving to Prague and I was nervous about the availability of different foods there, but your blog has given me hope. Look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for your comments Natalie! Prague does have plenty to offer. Please feel free to contact me should you have any trouble finding anything. I’d be happy to help. Good luck with your move!

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