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I didn’t realize how much I loved to cook until I left the comforts of home. I travel a lot and one of my favorite things to do is visit markets and of course discover new flavors and dishes. I love the food adventures I have in my red kitchen and so do the people I share it with.

more about me…

I was born and raised in New York City. My parents left the Philippines in their early 20’s and settled down in the borough of Queens, to be more specific Jamaica, Queens. In our neighborhood there were people from all over the world as well as shops and restaurants lining Hillside Avenue that brought flavors and dishes from places my parents had never heard of. When it came to trying new foods out, my dad was always the more adventurous one and he really invoked that curiosity in me and my 2 brothers. I was really lucky. We didn’t have to travel far to get our cravings satisfied for Jamaican Beef Patties, Greek Gyros, Italian Pizza, Japanese Sushi, Korean BBQ, Chinese Pork Buns or Latin American Empanadas, my list could go on and on.

When I started traveling on my own and out of the USA, the flavors and the new dishes I encountered furthered encouraged my curiosity and interests in food and cooking. When I was 26, I moved to Milano, Italy and that was the first time I was really on my own in the kitchen and what a great place it was to be experimenting with cooking. The markets were filled with abundant displays of fresh and delicious products and then there were the bakeries, pastry and cheese shops! It was impossible to resist indulging in the tasteful products surrounding me and this was just Milano! Then there were more trips to other countries and there were days where I missed my mom’s home cooking and times when I also craved some of the global flavors easily available on the streets of NYC.  I just had to learn how to cook more and more of the foods I missed and loved in my own home.

This blog is about my passion and fascination for food and how one particular vegetable, fruit or meat can be used in so many ways when you find yourself in another land or culture. It is also about stories based on memories, which are often related to… food! I am now based in Prague, Czech Republic, and it has been quite an adventure to recreate the flavors I miss, or the dishes I have tried from other countries, in this Eastern European city. Prague continues to change and become more open to our diverse world. Therefore, if you need some fresh curry leaves, okra, fresh tofu or grilled eel, it’s here in Prague, you just need to know who to ask!


My dear sweet husband who is from Valencia, Spain takes most of them. Sometimes, I take them too, but I think he does a better job. Hope you like them and that they make you want to try some of the recipes out!

and yes… my kitchen is red!

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